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VMLOX Nutrition Brand Story

Taking time out to look after oneself is often the preserveof the privileged and affluent.  The hard economic conditions that theworld now faces has caused a rising demand for healthcare  services due toageing and growing populations. Greater public awareness of different healthrelated  conditions has resulted in a rapidly growing requirement foraffordable health and wellbeing solutions  that can be administered athome, independently of healthcare services. This is particularlyimportant  to our American customers. 

 Thisincreased awareness of the “self care” concept has pushed it into themainstream and is why we  created our company; VMLOX Nutrition. 

 Weare founded and run by pharmacists and nutrition experts. Our mission is tobring revitalising,  enjoyable, affordable welfare and wellness to asbroad an audience as possible.  

 Ourcustom formulations use only the purest natural ingredients and latest deliverytechnology. We are  not a white label online seller, we are professionalswith years of experience and a vision of how we  might be able to open upthis market to all. 

 Ourfirst product is a specially formulated probiotic designed to aid that thingmost central to human existence: nutrition, a healthy gut and efficientdigestion. This can have a huge impact on the quality of  life forsufferers of a whole range of ailments and complaints from simple constipationto recovery from  colon / bowel cancer.  

We will quickly follow with more products in the categories below, created with the same care and attention to quality and efficacy:

- Dietary supplements 

- Beauty supplements  

- Sport supplements 

VMLOX Nutrition  

The Self-Care Specialists - helping the whole family toenjoy revitalised health.